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Basic Training & Manners

Does your dog...

portrait of chinse crested dog wearing yellow harness that says "nervous"
  • Bark or hide when guests come over?
  • Flee from the sound of the icemaker?
  • Flatten on the sidewalk when you’re out for a walk and a car drives by?


Confidence Builders Academy gives your dog a life-changing gift:

the freedom to just be a dog!

  • Designed for fearful dogs and their owners
  • Customized training plans
  • Long-term support
Living with a fearful dog can be challenging.

 Fearful dogs have special needs that can challenge even the most experienced dog owner. Maybe you’ve tried a group training class, but it was too scary for your dog. And while baby steps can lead to huge payoffs, months or years of one-on-one training at a fearful dog’s pace can get expensive. And in-home training means a stranger in the house, which can be stressful for fearful dogs.

We understand your pain,

and our online program offers a lower-cost alternative, providing customized solutions specific to your fearful dog. Fearful and even semi-feral dogs can learn house manners and gain confidence with the right approach. You and your dog get support from an IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with 18 years of experience and two semi-feral former street dogs of his own. You’ll also get online peer support from other participants while your dog gets to learn at home, in the environment where they’re most comfortable!

Chocolate lab sitting, hiding behind 2 houseplants

 Confidence Builders Academy Offers:

  • A program designed with the needs of fearful dogs and their owners in mind


  • Monthly goal-setting worksheets that allow us to build you a customized plan and let you track your dog’s improvement.


  • At least 3 live group classes per month—recorded so you never miss out


  • ​Individual instructor feedback


  • Private student Facebook group—feedback and support from your peers


What Makes Confidence Builders Academy Different?

  • Customized training plans—work at your own pace

  • Trainer can observe your dog in your home environment while in a group class 

  • Support and encouragement from your peers in an online classroom setting.

  • Upload videos and receive one-on-one feedback on your dog’s progress.

  • Interactive games make training fun for you and your dog!

  • Train from anywhere you (and your dog) have an internet connection

Cute red Australian Cobberdog sitting, offering a pw

Confidence Builders Academy is the help that you and your fearful dog have been looking for.
Customized training and online peer support will help your dog thrive!


Membership pricing is $100/month

Because it can take some time for fearful dogs to build confidence and see great results, we require a 3-month commitment from you and your dog up front


($100/month for 3 months = $300 to get started).

Ready to get started?

border collie and human hand high five
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