How to Get the Best Walk With Your Dog

Walking the dog is seen by most new owners as a given in their list of responsibilities, right alongside feeding the dog, buying toys for the dog, and housetraining the dog. The part that is really easy for any of us to forget is, Why we are walking the dog? Asking yourself this question before every walk only takes a few moments, but can make your walks more productive for your dog and more pleasant for you. There are actually a few questions you can ask yourself before you walk out the door. The first—and arguably most important—is, "Who is this walk for? Me or the dog?" Your answer could go either way. If you are going for a run in order to exercise yourself, and inviting the dog alo

The New Pack: Why Humans Are a Dog's Best Friends

Over the years, it has become increasingly common to talk about our dogs as family members. I think we do this because it feels natural. We share our lives with them, from the morning routine to adventures out and about and lazy evenings in front of the television. Most importantly, we love them, and when they snuggle up to us or gaze into our eyes, it sure feels like they love us, too. Science is finally catching up to this experience, and it turns out that yep, that love really does go both ways. (See How Dogs Love Us, by Gregory Berns). For most of the 20th century, the literature surrounding dog training came in conflict with this notion of the family dog, instead putting forth a nar

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